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Personal Protection

Your dog is your best Body Guard (24/7)

Home, Family & Personal Protection

    This course is for the individual dog that is capable of accepting the training of bite work without going crazy and biting everything on sight. Dog's must be around or over 12 months of age for this program. ( If you have a younger dog that you wish to enroll in this course, please refer to "The Pay as You Go" program below this one ).

( This program has a duration of 15 weeks of training twice per week approximately )

Basic Obedience
Provocation Defense
Defense on Command
Defense of the Handler
Defense under Gun Fire(If He/She qualifies)
Muzzle Work

"Your dog is your first line of defense when it comes to your safety"
       It takes about 3 to 5 minutes for the Police to arrive at your home after a 911 call, we train your dog to STOP the intruder at the door, window or fence, giving you enough time to secure your household and wait for the authorities to arrive at the scene.

Personal Protection: Length of course depends on every dogs individual progress.  Only $1,800.00



****PAY AS YOU GO****You read right ****PAY AS YOU GO****

        This new 2013 program that we have develop is for puppies 8 weeks of age and up where you pay as you go, this program will allow training lessons twice a week for 52 weeks, your dog will learn Obedience, Agility & Protection skills, this program is paid on a monthly basis of ($320.00p/m).  It's a slower program, but by the turn of the year you will have the dog your looking for. 
All programs are subject to evaluation to assure train-ability, for any other questions please give us a call.



***The following dogs are students of the "Pay As You Go Program"***

Belgian Malinois Apollo "Christie" at 12 weeks of age in our pay as you go program, this puppy shows great potential.


APBT "Elmo" Gomez at 6 months of age learning to protect the handler, release and guard between the legs.


Doberman "Clyde" Fauls at 10 months, going deep into the bite.


Belgian Malinois "CJ" Kirkham at 12 months doing agility work.


Five month old Dobe, working in prey drive.


Maya "Belgian Malinois" performing

Lower Body Work
Upper Body Work

Done on a Sport Training Base

Performed by "Cyrus" Belgian Malinois

 Patrol Security K-9's
(with the security officer in mind)


    Your company can now have the added service of a k-9 security patrol dog as an option for your clients. This is especially true in high crime areas where they tends to be a lot of gang activities, drug traffic robbery's and violence.

    The dogs are used to "Detect,Deter & Defend" the security officer and their canines are very effective in dispersing crowds. In the majority of cases when the security officer show up with their K-9s everyone "magically" disappears.
    Our dogs take an intensive 12 week patrol training and they are put up for sale for security companies "on a first come first served basis".
    If you feel we can help you increase your company revenues and assist your security officers with our innovated service please feel free to contact us for more information.   

Commercial & Industrial Guard Dog Training

If you own a business and have burglary problems training your dog is the most effective security system for you. We visit your site 10 miles around Hobby Airport and train your dog.

Crime in the fence line


Be advised that:

 1) In the state of Texas, is Law to have your dog on leash in public grounds at all times.

2) In the State of Texas, your pets Medical Records must be up to date at all times.

3) In the State of Texas, Dog Trainers are NOT allowed to train or sell Protection or Guard Dogs as stated in (chapter 1702) and (code 35) without a Department of Public Safety License, issued by
The Texas Private Security Board.

We are a Law Abiding Dog Training Service

Your dogs protect your business while you sleep giving you peace of mind.

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